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This app was designed to help equip today’s generation with important skills that will prepare them for the challenges of the future.

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Earn Points for Learning

In DUMO you will earn points each time you learn or complete a task. Start earning points by mastering cool skills such as money management, maths, history and much more!

Redeem the prizes you

In DUMO you get to win REAL prizes using the points you earned! Easily check out our prize catalogue and redeem the ones you like with the points you earned.

Outbid your Friends for
Great Prizes!

If just getting prizes isn’t fun enough, then beat your friends by outbidding them in auctions and win cool prizes! Win both prizes & cheers from your friends!

Features of the app


You earn points by completing tasks and learning new skills.


Experience “budgeting” your own points by adding goals to wishlist
and working towards those


Share with your parents on your progress in mastering new skills through live reports in DUMO! Make them proud!


Get your dream prizes using the points you've earned! Redeem those prizes, or through a more exciting way, AUCTION!


Make your parents proud by mastering new skills & let them reward you with more points in DUMO! More points means more prizes!

Video Tutorial

How DUMO works

Some of the Prizes that were recently won:

Our Financial Literacy Partner:

MoneyTree is the leader in educating teens (7-18 years old) in money management. MoneyTree’s learning curriculum helps students master money concepts & skills that will help build a good financial future.

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