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This app was designed to help prepare today’s generation for the challenges of managing money in a virtual and wired world

DUMO's mission #1

Watch your Child get excited about Achieving More

As the world moves more into becoming a digital and online global village, the younger generation would need to familiarise themselves with managing their money in a virtual environment.

DUMO will prepare them for such a world. Designed and created by a team of practitioners in the fields of financial education, finance and banking – DUMO is poised to be the bridge between improving your child’s financial literacy and understanding new developments in the area of financial technology. In a totally fun-filled environment.

DUMO's mission #2

Let Your Kids Experience Money Management

You can’t ride a bicycle by reading a book. Same goes for money management, or especially money management. So in DUMO, kids are given a safe but close-to-reality environment. Within the mobile app, a child will be able to earn points from completing tasks, budget & manage the points and spend the points on REAL prizes. Through the kids’ behavior in the app, you will learn your child’s money attitude and how to improve them for a better future. As a parent, all these data, along with tips that will help your child, will be presented in a simplified live report.

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Giving kids a “mini-economy” to experience

In DUMO, we focus on creating a “mini-economy” for kids to experience earning, budgeting
and spending. We believe having knowledge about money alone isn’t enough to secure a
child’s future success. Our mini- economy in DUMO, equip a child with:


Kids will learn important financial
concepts that will guide them in
decision making


With opportunities to earn, budget
& spend points, kids can apply
their financial knowledge & acquire
good money habits


In DUMO, kids can make financial
mistakes with their points. These
mistakes will be costly in the real

What you would see in your child after
Introducing DUMO


Higher Motivation,
Improved Results

DUMO is designed to motivate a child to develop important skills that will improve their academic results. As a parent, you will see your kids mastering the following skills for their academic achievements:

  • Count Faster & More Accurately: Kids are taught the secrets & given exercises that will help improve their computation speed. Count faster for better mathematics results.
  • Read & Understand Faster: Kids are also taught the secrets to reading & comprehending fast. Reading & understanding better will go a long way in helping your child stay on top of their studies.
  • Remember Better & More: Kids will be taught the secrets to improving their memory skills. When a child remembers more & faster, applying their knowledge in exams & real-life applications will be easier!

Better Understanding of
Money Management

From having to earn, budget and manage their points, kids will pick up the following from DUMO:

  • Financial Knowledge: Mastery of important financial concepts such as diversification, investment & inflation that will be important in protecting their financial future.
  • Social Pressure Defense: Emotional strength that will help them defend themselves from peer influence to advertisements,
  • Money Habits: Good money habits like saving & budgeting that will help them build their financial future.

Features of the app


Kids can experience “earning” by
completing learning tasks to
earn points


Kids can experience “budgeting”
by adding their goals to wishlist
and working towards those


Parents can monitor their
children through real-time
reporting on their children’s
money personality in DUMO


Kids can experience “spending”
by using their points to win
prizes through redemption &


Parents can shape & motivate
their kids by awarding kids with
points for completing tasks in

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